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Does Richard Branson Know How To DJ? Maybe After His Skrillex Lesson


Came across this video of Skrillex giving Richard Branson a DJ lesson at the Virgin Mobile FreeFest in Baltimore via NME. Celebrity DJs are a tough pill to swallow, but there’s something about Richard Branson DJing that’s not all that bad. The wealth of music knowledge guy must possess is, well, we imagine pretty epic.


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In other Skrillex news, if you’re a reader of Magnetic you might have come across bits about Sonny scoring Harmony Korine’s pending feature film Spring Breakers. Or the news about The Hangover‘s Bradley Cooper being out on the remake of The Crow and Sonny Moore picking up the slot to play the role of Eric Draven. Even crazier, we read that Skrillex has been turned into a computer-animated character for an upcoming Disney film called Wreck-It Ralph. Yes, an animated Skrillex will the hit the big screen.

Apparently the DJ landed a cameo role after signing up to provide songs for the soundtrack. There’s a party scene in the film and Skrillex will play the DJ. The film is scheduled for release on November 2, btw. EDM culture everywhere.

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