Dominic Wilcox's GPS Shoes or How To Find Your Way Home After A Night Of Partying

Dominic Wilcox's GPS Shoes or How To Find Your Way Home After A Night Of Partying

Imagine: you’re stumbling home from the bar, a party, or wherever you decided to waste away your night. Your mind is fuzzy. Your vision is blurred. How did I get here?, you wonder.  Your mind begins to race. The frustration, the anxiety. After wandering around long enough, you’re scared straight. Maybe you find yourself here often. Fear not, the perfect invention for you has arrived. Designer Dominic Wilcox has developed a fully functional pair of shoes with built-in GPS navigation to guide you on your journey. Whether you’re on the prowl for more EDM culture shenanigans, or just done and ready to hit the sack in your warm fuzzy pajamas. It’s okay, we won’t judge you.

Inspired by Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz, Wilcox calls the shoes “No Place Like Home.”  He came up with the design and fabricated them into reality when he was commissioned to design a pair of shoes for the Global Footprint project in Northamptonshire.

Simply begin by connecting the left shoe to custom mapping software on any computer using a USB cable and uploading your destination.  When you’re on the road and ready for your trek, the GPS sensor in the left heel is activated when it is tapped by a sensor in the right heel. That’s right, click your heels and you’re on your way.

A ring of mini LED lights imbedded in top of the left shoe directs the user which direction to travel.  A string of lights on top of the right shoe serves as a proximity sensor, informing the user how close they are to their destination. It gets better: Wilcox chose special LED lights in his design so they are visible in daylight as well.  Perfect for those really, really long nights.

Not only are these shoes practical, we love the stylish design too. They feature a black leather exterior, a red calf leather interior, and red laces to pay homage to Dorothy. With so much intricate detail, these shoes are a work of art.

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Wow, just wow.  We hope Wilcox’s shoes actually see the light of day vs. just being a one-off project... because we so want to grab a pair of our own.


You can check out a video of the shoes here.

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