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EDM Radar: Fracx—From Christchurch, New Zealand

New electronic music here. Meet Fracx, an 18 year old from Christchurch, New Zealand. I imagine Christchurch to be a lovely place along the South Island's coast...with not a whole lot to do—except obviously lock yourself away in the bedroom and make music...because the sounds this kid is producing are ridiculously beautiful. If you enjoy lush atmospheric pads and melodic leads, then Fracx should be on your EDM culture radar.


"In Your Memory"

Beautiful chords from start to finish. This song is so rich in harmonies that they will send chills down your spine. Definitely an ear-pleaser, this song a combination of progressive house plucks over a dubstep beat.


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Classified by Fracx as progressive step, this euphoric dubstep track is a complete masterpiece as are the rest of this guy’s tracks. Serenity begins with a wonderful chord progression that builds into a lush dubstep drop.

Demi Lovato "Skyscraper" (Fracx remix)

The combination of Demi’s voice and Fracx’s melody push this song far beyond its original greatness. This is only one of many remixes on the young artist’s Soundcloud.

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