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Event Recap: A Night Of Priceless Energy at A Club Called Rhonda with Maurice Fulton



All photos by Michael Mendoza for Rony's Photobooth,

Once again A Club Called Rhonda delighted fans, but this time around merrymaking was held in a private loft in downtown Los Angeles rather than the typical Rhonda get together at Los Globos or 333 Live. If you missed out on last Saturday's soiree fret not as there's another one coming up this weekend.

Given the private loft situation, Rhonda handled the crowd well, organizing the influx of partygoers, making sure everyone was safe and having a good time. She knows what she's doing and her team worked hard at keeping the potential cop drama to a minimum, effectively diffusing the situation and keeping the crowd happy and music bumping. The Jello shots are always a nice touch and admittingly threw a few back throughout the night myself—they're like appetizers at a dinner party. Or something like that.

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The one and only  Maurice Fulton played headlining DJ for the night. If you're not familiar, guy has been packing dancefloors around the world over the past 20-odd years. His career started in the early '90s when he assisted in producing the house track legend "Gypsy Woman" by Crystal Waters. Establishing a name for himself in underground clubs around the world. Simply put, there's a reason why Fulton has become a cult house music legend.

Doing what he does best, Maurice kept the packed crowd dancing all night with an eclectic mix of tunes. Everyone had a smile on their faces, it was pretty much going off nonstop all night. He’d play some techno, the next minute disco, and before you realized what was happening he’d be bumping some house. The transitions were smooth and flawless, surprising and delighting the crowd with each new record played. The occasional blast from the fog machine definitely helped dissipate the "Rhonda in a sauna" hotness that was going on.

If you haven't been to Rhonda yet, giddy up this weekend—you won't be disappointed. The crowd is always friendly, very fabulous and eccentric—it's parties like Rhonda that help set apart LA's party scene from what's happening in most cities around the world.

This weekend (October 13th) will be at Los Globos this Saturday and will feature an all-star lineup from Bicep, Cosmo Vitelli, Hunee and more.

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