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Event Recap: Avicii at The Iconic New York Venue Radio City Music Hall

Tim Bergling, known as Avicii, has truly taken his game to the top of the mountain. At just the age of 23 he has performed sold out shows worldwide, headlined some of the biggest festivals, and had his music nominated for a Grammy. Truly killing it. Last Wednesday and Thursday he continued to make history by being the first DJ to headline and sell out the iconic New York venue Radio City Music Hall.


How could this not be life changing for someone?! I cant describe the feelings but I love how my life allows me to do this and Im happy to be able to invite my fans to share this kind of truly unique experiences. I just wish I could do this in every city. -Avicii

This was about the sixth or seventh time that I have seen Avicii do this thing and I didn’t know what to expect coming into the night. The past few times I saw him I wasn’t really feeling it—the vibes—and I was really hoping to be surprised and have a good time. Unexpectedly, I did.

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Talk about production. Holy hell that was awesome! The combination of the iconic venue, an amazing visual effects show, a solid set, and a good friend to share it with made it a great night. Avicii made his way on top of the LED screen giant face that he has been performing from during his latest tour, and dropped the Who's "Baba O'Riley," and transitioned into his hit "Fade Into Darkness,” and the party got jumpin’ from that point on out. He continued to drop banger after banger, such as, Deniz Koyu’s “Bong,” Albin Myers’ remix of Timmy’s own “Fade into Darkness” and his collabo with Lenny Kravitz “Superlove.” Avicii fired off some other favorites including “Stay With You” featuring Mike Posner, his remix of Robyn’s “Hang With Me,” “Silhouettes,” a mash up of Albin Myers’ “Hells Bells” and “My Feelings for You” and “Bromance,” which had the place going wild and of course, “Le7els.”

One issue that I did have with the venue was that it had seats and no dancefloor. I am not really down with the idea of these arena/stadium shows because one of the main reasons people go to these shows is to get down with their dancing. These parties at these venues hinder that and I’m really not a fan. I guess they’re thinking about ticket sales and not the overall experience. Anyway, great production, great music and a great night.

photos by Drew "Rukes" Ressler


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