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Event Recap: Dada Life Record Release Party at Avalon Hollywood—I Arrived Beautiful And Left Ugly


As I walk down Vine towards Avalon, I am amazed to see a line of people wrapped around the block. Getting closer to the venue, I witness a videographer capturing a group of guys dancing around in Banana suits. From outside, I can hear the low thump of the kick drum and as security go in and out of the main doors there’s a rush of escaping sounds emanating from within. At about 11, I make my way into the place and head towards the dancefloor. The DJ that was spinning was really good; he was playing an assortment of tracks ranging from electro, house, to Dutch. About an hour later, 12 o’clock, the lights dim and bunches of bananas are being placed on the DJ booth.

The LED screen suddenly turns on as “Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker” begins to creep in. At this point, the crowd is going bananas! Olle and Stefan approach the booth throwing inflatable bananas and champagne bottles into the crowd—the energy and excitement is surreal. As the song reaches its climax point, Olle takes the mic and tries to silence the enthusiastic crowd. There’s a brief moment of silence as Olle shouts “kick out the epic motherfuckers!” and the crowd goes ape-shit! Dada Life play a few tracks before calling up on stage a few banana suited fans to help sing “Rolling Stones T- Shirt.” At about 12:30 the duo take to the crowd with hands full of champagne bottles—you guessed it…champagne showers! During the track “You Will Do What We Will Do,” Olle and Stefan pass out what looks like surgical masks with a print of a huge smile on it and say, “Put on your biggest smiles…we play happy music.” There’s a really cool remix of Beastie Boy’s “Fight for Your Right” that gets the crowd jumping. Just as things couldn’t get crazier, “Happy Violence” reaches its peak and the song is stopped midway so pillows can be passed out. The crowd is asked to “hold your weapons” by Olle as Stefan and staff pass out cotton-filled pillow cases. As the drop occurs there is cotton flying everywhere—absolutely insane energy! By the next song the floor is completely littered with cotton! At 1:15 “So Young So High” is played and there’s a 20ft. banana floating through the air above the adrenaline-fueled crowd. The show comes to an end with “Kick Out the Epic Motherfucker” again, this time Stefan walks to the crowd with champagne bottles and sprays the crowd. Everyone is going crazy to rush towards the stage to meet Olle and Stefan as the music stops. I was lucky enough to shake Olles’s hand. This has been one of the craziest and “ugliest” shows of my life! Arrived beautiful and left ugly, completely soaked in champagne and evidence of a great night.

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