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Event Recap: KCRW Presents Morning Becomes Eclectic with deadmau5 at Sonos Studio

Event Recap: KCRW Presents Morning Becomes Eclectic with deadmau5 at Sonos Studio


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Danny Mahoney

You can go to Pasquale Rotella's Electric Daisy Carnival, or to a club to experience your favorite artist and chances are you’d be among thousands of EDM culture lovers who were there to to do the same exact thing, catch their favorite artists playing live.

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However, this past Friday I got to experience the one and only deadmau5 at a private event courtesy of KCRW and Sonos Studio. The audience was fewer than 150 and we all got to see the live interview with deadmau5 and KCRW. Being this close to a musical genius was definitely a special moment as this interview truly revealed the ideas and concepts behind many of his tracks. For example, Mr. Zimmerman always begins his tracks with the melody and rarely the drum line. He also stays away from collaborating with the same artist twice in favor of showcasing different artists in order to create a different feel for the tracks he creates.

Soon after, Mr. Zimmerman hopped onto the “mini-cube” set up for his performance in studio. In his words he “flew blind” and created a set that matched the vibe of the audience, which was packed full of club ready tracks that ultimately turned the studio into a nightclub. The whole place dancing, but the “power” of the tracks he played wasn’t that high so no one was in “rave mode.” All in, it was a great performance… but it wasn’t personally my style as the festival circuit is more where I feel at home. Here are some pictures of the event and the audio recording of the interview. Thanks KCRW & Sonos Studio for a good night, indeed.

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