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Event Recap: Porter Robinson and Zedd Blow Up Avalon In Hollywood On Their Poseidon Tour

Porter Robinson and Zedd Blow Up Avalon In Hollywood On Their Poseidon Tour


All photos by Drew "Rukes" Ressler,

Friday night saw the second to last stop of Zedd and Porter Robinson’s Poseidon tour. As expected, the two dropped some of the hardest beats I’ve heard—and it did not disappoint. While both were serious about showcasing their talent and latest songs, they also weren’t afraid to let loose and show us their fun side, mixing in tunes like “Gangnam Style.” Each drop seemed to go harder than the last, eliciting crowd jumping at almost dangerous levels. EDM culture merrymaking at its finest.

A quick scan of the crowd showed an interesting juxtaposition in audience members. On the one hand were club-goers dressed to the nines in tight dresses and clunky heels. These were the people most likely to get way too-shwasty by the end of the night and give dirty looks to the happy rave kids dancing around to songs like “Shave It” and “100% In The Bitch.” Most of the crowd fell somewhere in the middle, mixing nice clothes with comfy shoes. Sometimes they just swayed to the music, other times, they danced their hearts out, but either way, the crowd got what it wanted.

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Both DJs dropped a solid mix of electro-house music during their joint set. The biggest disappointment was Nick Thayer. Normally, an opening act doesn’t really need to be discussed, but when they put a damper on the crowd right before the opening acts, it can be a problem. Thayer tried to go hard but ended up with a strange mix of dubstep and hip-hop that just did not flow. The worst part was seeing him down pull after pull on a handle of Grey Goose, in an attempt to blur out the lack of enthusiasm present in the crowd. Yes, it’s hard being an opening act to two young superstars, but please don’t ruin the experience for the rest of us.


Thayer-hating aside, the best part of the night had to have been meeting Porter Robinson and Zedd after the show. While we didn’t want to be just another person shoving an iPhone in their face, trying to quickly Instagram a picture to make all my friends who stayed home jealous, talking with the two, even for a brief while, was refreshing. The two were down-to-earth and seemed to genuinely care for their fans, despite having all those iPhones shoved in their faces. The only regret of the night was not going to see the Poseidon Tour at its earlier stops at the Yost Theater and Greystone Manor. But don’t fret… if you didn’t get a chance to catch Porter and Zedd, the latter will be back in LA for New Years Eve.

All photos by Rukes

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