Exclusive Premiere: Deadelus "Flying Sail" featuring Computer Jay

Exclusive Premiere: Deadelus "Flying Sail" featuring Computer Jay

Calling all Deadelus fans, the man just dropped a new EP today, "Looking Ocean" via our friends over at Scion A/V. The new EP features collaborations with Zackey Force Funk, Austin Peralta, and Computer Jay and like most everything Alfred Darlington (that's Deadelus) touches, "Looking Ocean" is racking up praise from fans. Us included.

We're particular fond of "Flying Sail" (featuring Computer Jay) for being quite simply a beautifully crafted downtempo closer on the EP. If you appreciate the lazy horizontal vibe, get ready for a mystical journey through the highs and lows of euphoric melodies and airy drum loops. Be you a Daedelus fan or a new comer, you will not be disappointed with this one. And if you get the chance catch him live. Guy is always innovative when it comes to live performances, known for his spectacular immersion of audio & visual sensations.

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BTW, Scion A/V is offering up the entire EP as a free download, so if you like what you hear here, giddy up over there and get all the tracks.

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