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Free Download: Earth, Wind & Fire "September" (James Egbert Remix)

New release from ghost producer turned EDM culture star, James Egbert. It’s been a huge year for the Insomniac Discovery Project winner, who has rose to stardom following the release of his 6-song EP “In the Beginning” and his single “Legion.”

New electronic music here. Last Friday he introduced his best release yet, a remix of Earth, Wind & Fire’s 1978 hit, “September." We think he succeeded at staying true to the original’s funky, soulful, uplifting sound while lending his own electro trademark style. He drops the right samples at the right time. Electronic remixes of classic songs can go so wrong so quickly, and be full of cheese. This is how it should be done...

Best part: it’s free. Download it from his Facebook page here.

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