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Halloween: Lunacy Music and Arts Festival in Santa Barbara Here We Come...


“What are you doing for Halloween?”

With so many fantastic Halloween events going on in the LA area choosing one is always a painful ordeal. I mean how many options can there possibly be for the end of October? Do you want to spend another year at a haunted amusement park or funhouse? What about an over priced, over populated rave featuring DJ Who the Fuck Cares? Or how about one of the dozens of pub-crawls [No pub-crawls allowed! –ED] where you can get dangerously drunk in a city with a terrible public transportation system?

Seeing as how all of these options seem about as much fun as a colonoscopy I’m inclined to choose the only Halloween music festival this side of New Orleans, the Lunacy Music and Arts Festival.

Lunacy will take place the weekend of October 26-28th on the vast 40 acres of the Live Oak Campground in Santa Barbara, hidden between the Santa Ynez and San Raphael Mountains and a mere 1 ½ hours from Los Angeles. Here well known producers EOTO, VibeSquaD, An*Ten*Nae, Random Rab, NastyNasty, and more will gather together with up and coming artists such as Stephan Jacobs, Sugarpill, Russ Liquid, and plenty of others to keep the party going all weekend long. But music is just a small part of the overall Lunacy experience which includes towering art installations, numerous workshops, dozens of performance artists, and strangely costumed lunatics as far as the eye can see.


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Unlike most of the other events going on this Halloween that cost well over $100 for even just a single night of partying, the entire Lunacy weekend goes for the extremely reasonable price of $155. This includes admission to all three days, camping, and the peace of mind of knowing that you won’t get a needless DUI this Halloween Weekend. Lunacy’s killer lineup, perfect location, and affordable pricing make it the clear choice for Southern Californians this Halloween.

So I ask you again, “What are you doing for Halloween?”


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