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Have DJs Gotten Greedy With All Of Their Fame And Fortune—The Cure for Greed

I read this piece called  “The Cure for Greed” just now and it got me wondering: Who should be considered greedy in this day and age and who shouldn’t? More specifically, should certain DJs be considered greedy? Think about it: At this point in time in EDM culture DJs are some of the most sought after musical artists out there; they play all over the world, stay in some of the nicest places you can think of and are, for the most part, popular in every state and country. When they hit that stage, oh boy. They can be compared to gods once their feet touch the stage and they raise their hands up in the air. Now I’m pretty aware of how corny that may sound, but if you’ve ever been to see Swedish House Mafia or Rusko at a show, you’ll know exactly why I describe it like that.


This piece I read is one part bizarre and one part smart; bizarre in that it suggests that the cure for greed (too much greed, that is) exists in an injection of 5ml crimp sealed vial containing one dose of stabilized pure dollar ink mechanically and chemically recovered from approximately $10,000 in US currency. It’s one part smart because after you read that fact and then proceed to watch the Youtube video provided on how to make said injection with your mouth hanging open, then it goes into what the article is really about. Read the article, frown, think about it, then answer me this: have DJs gotten greedy with all of their fame and fortune? And if so, which ones? Because each one is different, different in the ways they carry themselves, perform, speak, walk, etc. Just like with everything else, one description cannot account for the whole.

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The Cure for Greed - The making of from Diddo on Vimeo.

You can read more about this project on Yatzer here.

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