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Hey DJs, Just Print Your Own Replacement Parts—3-D Printers Are A Reality


DJs and producers are pushing the paces when it comes to new ideas and on-the-fly performances in the EDM culture space so it might just be fitting that 3D printing should be the newest foray into live performance. Well, kinda, sorta. Imagine this, you buy a stock, bare-bones controller, purchase a computer aided design (otherwise known as a CAD) mapping for the buttons, faders and knobs you want, and either print them on-site or through a third party. This is exactly what the Swedish masterminds at Teenage Engineering had in mind when they partnered up with Shapeways to print up their custom plastic parts.

“As an alternative to shipping plastic parts around the world, we let anyone print their own,” said David Möllerstedt, head of audio at Teenage Engineering, in an e-mail interview with Wired. “It’s a really interesting development that 3-D printing is becoming more accessible.”

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David Möllerstedt also went on to say how exciting it’ll be to see what people do with the 3-D models and how many people will actually print them, and if anyone even will do custom modifications. We concur. It seems to me like affordability is the only barrier to entry for one to be able to do this in one’s own home... And it’s not looking too far off! Lets wait and see…

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