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Is New York The New Ibiza?

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Yes, that headline is pretty damn silly. Hell no... NYC and Ibiza don’t have much in common, but the White Island’s most popular EDM culture institution, Space, is planning to extend their mega club brand to New York City. Maybe you've heard the rumors regarding the opening of a 13,000 capacity venue in New York from the folks behind Space Ibiza, maybe not. Either way, shit is confirmed. A spokesman for Space Ibiza told Mixmag that the rumors are in fact true, but left it at saying no more info would be released at this time other than it'll open sometime during 2013.

The exact capacity and location are still a mystery, but we currently have a bunch of local ravers running around the city knocking on doors asking if this'll be the Space. Not really, but we will bring you more info as soon as we come across it.

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Not sure where your heads at, but the Space terrace during a NYC winter just doesn’t have the same appeal. Your thoughts?

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