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Listen: Alvin Risk, KOAN Sound And More Are Making Special Remixes For The Upcoming Halo 4 Video Game

Listen: Alvin Risk, KOAN Sound and More Are Making Special Remixes For The Upcoming Halo 4 Video Game

Back in April 2011, Mortal Combat got a bright, shiny, hard-hitting new makeover when Skrillex created “Reptile’s Theme” for the new version in the game series. More recently in February of 2012, EA Games released the Skrillex induced coma of a trailer for the Sci-fi reboot Syndicate that got everyone’s attention, fans and gamers alike. As if that wasn’t enough, Nero, Flux Pavillion and Digitalism also joined the party, throwing their own brand of poison into the pot to create four full remixes in total for the popular video game. For those of you who thought EDM culture has spread wide enough, think again. Alvin Risk and KOAN Sound, among several other electronic names were very recently recruited to make some official remixes for the upcoming Halo 4 video game. The two tracks available to hear right now are “Nemesis,” remixed by Alvin Risk and “Green & Blue,” remixed by KOAN sound. Both are infused with their artist’s special brand of kick-ass, and both will be officially released along with the entire soundtrack on October 22nd. Gamers, have those controllers at the ready.

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