Listen: Qulinez Remix of “Eternity” by Paul Van Dyk

New electronic music here. Alex Lager & Johannes Gustafsson aka Qulinez are back with anther beautifully crafted remix for the one and only PvD. Hot of their chart topping hit, “Troll,” this Swedish duo are back for more, but unlike their previous remix of “Heavy Abbacus,” the duo departs from what has become fondly known as the “Troll Synth” for yet another brand new EDM culture sound. With a beautiful yet simple pounding lead, the track builds up and breaks down into the main melodic progression with none other than Adam Young aka Owl City on the vocals. Qulienz does what they do best, combine jaw dropping vocals and anthemic progressions into a single chart smashing, euphoria inducing banger that is sure make you lose yourself in the music.


It’s on Youtube not even Souncloud or Beatport yet. Here you go, the Qulinez remix of “Eternity” by Paul Van Dyk

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