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Riton and Canblaster Join Forces On A One-Time Collaboration, Symphony Hall—Plus Free Download

Free Download: Riton and Canblaster Release One-Time Collaboration “Symphony Hall”

Symphony Hall is a one-time collaboration between DJ/producer Riton and Club Cheval wild card Canblaster. The tune, appropriately titled "One Night Stand" will be released via Marble, an imprint headed up by SurkinPara One and Bobmo. The collab includes two new pieces of electronic music: “One Night Stand” Featuring Jay Norton and “Metal Arrives.”

“One Night Stand” has sweet love and epic tenderness written all over it. You know, the kind of dizzy vibe you get when you have a major crush on someone—so major it makes you feel like a 15-year old ending up in a bedroom with said crush. That's exactly what this track is about: definitely not for a one night stand, but the beginning of a long, smooth love story. This is classic, delicious R&B, laced with clear, fragile synth chords, digital slowjam beats and Jay Norton's unmissable British accent. “Metal Arrives” is a blunt and bipolar track paying homage to UK rave, built on a tight, severe electrofunk beat and a megalomaniac bassline. Ardkore piano vamps do their job on the bright side of the track. As a bonus: absurd screeches, rubbery stuff, fake motor sound and grime snippets.

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