Magnetic Presents: Far Away Radio With Paradise & Evan Stalker—Download Both Mixes For Free


For the second instalment of Far Away, I’d like to introduce you all to a friend of mine better known as Paradise. He’s very nice. During the day you can find him living luxuriously by the pool, but it is when night falls that Paradise goes to work. As one of the faces behind A Club Called Rhonda and Face2Face, this boy wonder is a name to trust when it comes to the most powerful of dance music selections and late-night experiences that will either change your life or at least leave you with one hell of a hangover. For those unaware, Face2Face is a clubbing experiment in collaboration with Delivery, which is faithful to the underground; rooted in the thick fog and dreamy atmosphere of 90’s warehouse culture. Taking the focus from the DJs and giving it back to the clubbers, Face2Face will no longer be announcing bookings in order to reestablish the importance of the music rather than the selector. Paradise has some new electronic music in the works (read: a forthcoming single) for the Rhonda International label, along with an upcoming future oriented  techno absurdism music project entitled “9D9” that can be previewed here.

I’d say his name is enough to describe where this mix is about to take you, so tune in and enjoy the trip.

*Paradise kept his tracklist a secret, so don’t worry about it. Just enjoy it.

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Paradise is on: Facebook + Twitter + Soundcloud


The second half of #002 is taken over by another friend of mine, Evan Stalker. Evan is a local DJ and producer who has lived in places like Cape Town and NYC before ending up in the Los Angeles scene. Often locked away in his bedroom studio playing with vintage synths and various bits and pieces of analog equipment, he still finds time in the midst of his motion graphic design career to release 12”s for On The Prowl as well as play records around town. According to Scion Audio Visual, Evan represents a generation of young LA producers making classy, forward thinking deep dance music. His Far Away mix consists of his latest selections within the real of all things deep and house…something for the later hours when the fog is dense and the sweat is dripping down from the ceiling. Classic afterhours vibes all around.

Manoo & François A “Souvenir”
Jared Wilson “Let Your Body, Make Your Body” (Conforce Dusk Til Dawn Mix)
Clouded Vision “City Thunder” (Chamboche Remix)
Last Mood “Warehouse” (Elef remix)
Cromie “Good Drubbing”
Innerspace Halflife “Wind”
Paul Du Lac “Tantra Master”
Norm Talley “Man on the Moon” (10″ Vers)
Jus-Ed “Lost in Berlin”
Matt Wood “What Am I Gonna Do” (Sound Factory Dub)
Marbert Rocel “Small Hours” (Jakob Korn Remix)
Kai Alcé “Track #3”

Evan Stalker is on: Facebook + Twitter + Soundcloud

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