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Magnetic Style: Hey Miss DJ…Ibiza End Of Season Party Vibe Meet Sweaty Indian Summer

It’s all about the music… and what the DJ hears, what the DJ plays. So why not allow these often bland auditory vessels to be properly stylized? Tokyo based Miss Moeko Osawa implements Swarovski crystals into custom made one-of-a kind designs for EDM culture music makers and lovers alike. Below is a sampler of DJ Du Jour looks mixed into the midst of “Ibiza end of season” party-vibe and a sweaty Indian summer here in LA. Turn the house music up.

Photography: Alex Barakat for 838 Media Group | Fashion Stylist:Rita Ghanime | Makeup and Hair: Inara Lopetaite | Model: Elisabeth Giolito


Fringe “leather” shell top, available at Michelle Roy
Vintage black/gold one-piece bathing suit, Stylist’s own
Lace trim silk short, available at Love Melrose
Bracelets, Ring and Necklace all by Michelle Roy
Swarovski crystal designed Headphones by Moeko Osawa,

Vintage Oakley mirrored navy frame sunglasses, Stylist’s own
Loose-knit Crochet Sweater by Emma & Ella. To order email:
Lace bralette top, available at Love Melrose,
Ruffle-hem flared short-shorts, available at Love Melrose
Turquoise choker necklace by Michelle Roy
Swarovski crystal designed headphones by Moeko Osawa

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Denim Shirt, Vintage Dolce & Gabbana
Bastard Pink Leather motorcycle vest, Stylist’s own
Crochet jeweled bib-necklace by Michelle Roy
Bracelets also by Michelle Roy
Custom dyed high-top Converse sneakers with fluorescent laces, Stylist’s own
Black high waist shorts, available at Love Melrose,
Swarovski crystal designed Headphones, by Moeko Osawa


Gypsy “Forever Young” top, Wildfox (SS12)
Bracelets by Michelle Roy
Ripped black sheer panty-hose, available at Chelsea Manor
Swarovski crystal designed Headphones by Moeko Osawa

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