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Music Review: Foreign Beggars “The Uprising” via Mau5trap

New electronic music here. Renowned UK rap/grime/dubstep group Foreign Beggars release their highly anticipated album titled The Uprising via the deadmua5 label, Mau5trap. This 12-track album pushes the group’s creativity fusing their underground hip-hop roots with an array of heavy productions by EDM culture's hottest talents such as Knife Party, Millons Like Us, and the legendary Tommy Lee. You can expect this album to push your subs to the limit with its diverse selection of talented producers that equally contribute to create the world of the Foreign Beggars. Although many singles were previous released such as “Palm of my Hand” and “Flying to Mars,” they are only a fraction of what’s to be heard. Teaming up with fellow Londoner Burns, the track “Amen” is set as the opener. The track keeps it simple focusing on the vocals with its constant minimal jungle beat accompanied by a dominator bass. In complete contrast, the single “Apex,” produced by the infamous Knife Party, follows “Amen” and raises the game with an in-your-face bassline and an infectious hook by the Beggars. This track is not for the weak; it will get your blood pumping with its viscous growls that you’re used to hearing in Knife Party productions. Tommy Lee and the Beggars up the tempo and drop a bass heavy drum ‘n bass track with “Mind’s Eye” The adrenaline fueled track is relentless with its grinding basses and snapping snares that just decimate any speaker. The album is concluded with a collaboration with dubstep heavyweight Bare Noize; an appropriate track that maintains a hefty feel throughout the song but also offers relief with an optimistic vocal sample. Overall, the album truly expresses the creativity and lyricism of the Foreign Beggars and showcases their talents. This album certainly builds a bridge between the underground rap scene and the bass heavy EDM that’s popular today. Also, be sure to check out the dates for their North American Tour in late October.


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