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Music Review: "Green Jester" by Nam Nori & Jordan Vivant via HFi Records

Music Review: Green Jester “Nam Nori & Jordan Vivant” via HiFi Records

How do you start of your morning? A cup o’ joe perhaps, or a healthy breakfast? That may be a start to a normal person’s day but here at Magnetic we like to start our mornings with great tracks. [Coffee and a smoke for me too, please. -ED.] Today’s piece of new electronic music is courtesy of upcoming producers Nam Nori & Jordan Vivant! “Green Jester” (via HFi Records) is an electro monster that derives its inspiration from dubstep wobble elements but still maintains itself as an electro track. A groovy drum line, a slightly wobbling bassline and the head-pounding lead synth come together in perfect EDM culture harmony, delivering a track that will get you on your feet regardless of the time of day. If you have had enough with my simple description of the build up then you are not mentally prepared for the eye-popping, head-turning, mind altering drop that is to follow. Our good Frenchmen stepped up their game to epic proportions, nearing the hallowed ground of electro masters Stephan and Ollie of Dada Life! Words can’t really describe the sound, but then again who needs words when you can just click play below?

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