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Music Review: Project 46 “Feel the Fire” via Armada Music /Zouk Recordings

Hot off their release of their emotional driven anthem “You & I,” Project 46 is at it again with their new single “Feel the Fire.” In step with their previous releases, this track continues with Project 46’s signature big room progressive house sound that is sure to echo through the minds of ravers everywhere. Starting of with a subtle yet driven arpeggio supported with piano chords, Project 46 builds the sense of anticipation in the crowd. Soon after, the vocal harmoniously weaves its way into the instrumental, furthering the euphoric feeling that this track seems to be producing. As we near the drop, we are introduced to the main melodic riff. It is this point in every progressive track, which makes or breaks it. In this case, it more than “makes it.” It fills us with an explosive energy and induces positive thoughts and emotions!

Music Review: Project 46 “Feel the Fire” via Armada Music /Zouk Recordings

If evoking feelings of togetherness, joy, and laughter was the goal of this track, then I can say whole-heartedly that it has accomplished all those goals and many more. Project 46 is quickly becoming a staple in the field of progressive house and it’s simply because of the quality of their productions and the ability to communicate their feelings through their music; a gift that many musicians do not possess in this day and age.

Grab your copy on Beatport on Nov. 5

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