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Music Review: SCNTST “Premelodic Structures” via Boysnoize Records

Music Review: Scntst “Premelodic Structures” via Boysnoize Records

New electronic music here. Boysnoize Records, an undeniable staple in the world of new techno and electro (whatever that means these days), presents a surprisingly fresh and diverse EP from SCNTST (you can pronounce it “Scientist,” or like a parcel-tongued snake villain from the Harry Pottery—“SSNNNTSSSSTTTT”).

Borrowing sonic ideas from Jersey Club, Baltimore, breaks and tough techno, the young Munich-based SCNTST (born in 1993, he is actually not old enough to get into his own gigs when he comes to America) deftly maneuvers between genres while maintaining a big, gritty, absolutely unique feel. There is a cheekiness to the use of samples, from the playful request of "I'm new here…will you show me around?" on lead track “Not Sure,” to a clever re appropriation of Joy Division's Fibonacci count off in “Rhythm Sticks.”

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While certain tracks veer towards introspective; (“Emotion” and “Phisyq” go deeper while maintaining unbridled energy), the majority of the cuts on this exceptionally playable EP would fill EDM culture dancefloors without getting cheap or cheesy—personal favorites include stabby “Da Bizzy Jump” and aforementioned “Rhythm Sticks.” I am absolutely itching to play this out. Release date October 29th.

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