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Music Review: The Insomniax “Love She Wants” via Earnest Endeavours

If you’re an avid reader of Magnetic Magazine, I’m sure you must be aware of how much we dig the multi genre internationally based imprint Earnest Endeavours over here. After releasing Darkhouse Fams debut EP, a compilation of unreleased tracks, and Widows’ recent EP, it seems the young label has matured sooner then expected with the addition of another completely different flavor of musical cuisine to their already varied EDM culture palette. This new addition comes in their form of their latest signing, the London based multi instrumentalists and rappers Kai Gama and Dr. Sydney Velvet, better known as The Insomniax.

Music Review: The Insomniax “Love She Wants” via Earnest Endeavours

We caught a brief glimpse of their idiosyncratic bars and mellow laid back style on the Our Nest Vol.1 compilation, but it’s only now that we have been given a full dose of their unique flavor with their debut EP, “Love She Wants.”

Before the beat even dropped on the first track “Friday Comes” I had the innate sense that the track was going to be a banger and as the track progressed, I realized just how accurate my initial thoughts were.

Roses Gabor, best known for her work with SBTRKT, launches the track with her chorus that is essentially a contrast between a man with money and one with very little. Her voice adds a certain air of sweetness to a track that is essentially a gritty snapshot in time for the two South London emcees. A heavily relatable one for Londoners that concerns party-filled weekends, and attempts at attracting the opposite sex. The beat is the main selling point for me though, almost on a trip hop flavor, it floats up and down before settling for a fuzzy wobbly vibration that hooks me every time.

For the next track, “Oh She Falls,” The Insomniax dissect the complicated dynamics of love from a female perspective. It’s a refreshing track that is essentially the opposite of the carnal odes laid bare on the first track and is an apt demonstration of their open-mindedness—something that is missing from most British rap music. It’s a more chilled and calm affair too, with a slower beat and vocals and slightly profound talk about subconscious love and overthinking.

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The title track “Love She Wants” is another one of my favorites, which conjured up a dreamy slow motion sepia landscape almost instantly, the muffled vocals slowly making their way in the background added to that flavor even more. The beat softly fluctuates before the first verse is dropped, an effortless “She walks toward the door her hips swinging like a pendulum, she’s heading to the door but I don’t know if we’ll be friends again.” I got the sense that the track is a homage to the situation of being attracted to a woman but not being in love with her, despite her feelings to the contrary and the stalemate that kind of scenario subsequently brings.

The rest of the tracks are equally banging, from the up tempo and quirky “Columbo Love,” to the smooth and intimate “Vibe For Chrissy,” all the way through to the final track, “Atonement,” the closing sermon in spoken word and the albums final testament to the mysteries of love.

It feels like the EP was either an album that was cut to seven tracks, or an album that they were too lazy to finish off, which is a total compliment on both ends. It possesses a coherency and continuity that escapes most EPs which each song representing a different stage and situation in the fickle world of love and lust. The production is top notch and the lyrics are at times funny, perceptive, flowy and clever but most of all they are supremely unique to The Insomniax. You can pick up the EP via iTunes here.

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