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My Shadowscene Life: Ellei Johndro Hits Exit Skate in Philly, Making Time with Sun Airway, Fool's Gold Day Off LA with Chromeo and Danny Brown

It's that weird time of year. The temperature rises and drops in twenty degree intervals, people start preparing for the long winter ahead while others prepare to cut loose at endless dance parties. And of course, the aromas and sensation of the fall and holidays are permeating the air. This past week was crammed with the beginnings of Halloween musings and some pretty epic shows. Flosstradamus invaded The Barbary mid week to practically double capacity and left the walls dripping in sweat. My weekend kicked off with Tom Asta and the EXIT and Reign skate crews over at The 700 and was capped off with an after party with Sun Airway. Of course, by 5 am the after party starts feeling like an adventure. But who doesn't love an adventure? And finally, the week was rounded out with the Fool's Gold Day Off party in LA. I'm pretty sure everyone here was decked out in some fashion piece you'd want to add to your closet, especially with Danny Brown in attendance. Seriously. My advice: everyone should own at least five pairs of super rad sunglasses.

Round two from our pal Ellei Johndro at Shadowscene. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to travel around the country shooting nightclubs for a living, here’s a little slice of that EDM culture life. Every Tuesday Ellei will share her highs and lows in pixelated format…live vicariously.

Getting Flossy | Flosstradamus at The Barbary: Philly


Flosstradamus invade The Barbary and make the walls sweat


To check out the full gallery fro this night, go here.

Exit Fridays | Exit Skate at The 700: Philly



Ian Berry & Tom Asta at The 700


To check out the full gallery fro this night, go here.

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Party Time | Making Time with Sun Airway at Voyeur: Philly


Elleis misadventures and 5am explorations

Past 4am its the after-after party


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Golden Days | Fool's Gold Day Off LA with Chromeo, Danny Brown: Los Angeles



Yasmine of Tearist backstage at Fools Gold Day Off LA…with super rad sunglasses


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