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Not Another Corny DJ Promo Shoot—Oh Wait, Yes It Is


To be totally honest, there are a lot of types of DJs that annoy me. It’s usually easy to ignore and not get bothered by it, but there are two breeds that are particularly laughable. While I have better things to do than pay attention to things that bug me, it still never hurts to poke some fun at the embarrassing side of EDM culture. The first kind of DJ I dislike is the type that will tell you he’s a DJ if you ask him what he does, instead of telling you his real job. The second kind consists of those people who take the cheesiest press pictures of themselves. You know, like, posing in a tuxedo with your headphones around your neck while standing in the LA River. That’s the shit that makes me more and more hesitant to answer “yes” when people ask me if I’m a DJ too. So please sit back and enjoy this hilarious little post from and admire these attempts of being “epic” in the form of DJ self-promotion. Sometimes I can’t tell if people are being funny or totally serious, but unfortunately it’s usually the latter when it comes to local DJs who think they’re hitting the big time. I’ll let the photos take it from here…

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