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Oscar Luweez: Top Five Tunes I Can’t Live Without

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Dwayne Marsh, best known as D1 in the dustup arena, is getting a little philosophical on us with this latest EP, "Metempsychosis." No longer are his timbres scrambled, the tones obliterated or the bass front and center (check: "Cocaine,” "Higher State," "I'm Loving," "Crack Bong" and "Bamboo" for reference), instead opting for a little house music reincarnation under the Oscar Luweez moniker. “Metempsychosis” is Marsh’s new sonic order and marks the debut release for his Luweezbeats imprint. Pick it up via iTunes here. The four-track EP (listen to “Junction 10,” “Night Cats,” “Tell Me” and “This A Dream” below) amalgamates elements of house, garage and hardcore into a colorful EDM culture blend of dancefloor styles.

Oscar Luweez: Top Five Tunes I Can’t Live Without

So here it... Oscar Luweez's top five tunes he can't live without:

1. A Guy Called Gerald “Voodoo Ray”

I had to put this track cos it’s one of the earliest tunes I remember my parents used to batter and it is a great track of course.

2. Change “Mutual attraction”

This, to me, is like the perfect record; the chord progressions and everything about the song is prefect.

3. Prodigy “Firestarter”

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This is the first dance track I ever bought. Well that I got my dad to buy me on cassette, LOL. This is probably the track that got me into dance music in general.

4. So Solid “Dilema”

This track was the tune that made me want to DJ when I was in secondary school—me and my mates used to just listen to this constantly.

5. Julio Bashmore “Battle for Middle You”

This tune is the newest out of all the tracks I have picked and fact is you dont really get timeless classic tracks anymore but this for me is one of them. I will play this tune now and I will play it in 10 years I’m sure of it.

New electronic music here; a stream of his new EP, "Metempsychosis." BTW, if you caught our post a while back on Fools Gold’s free compilation, Clubhouse Vol.1, Oscar Luweez might just ring a bell, as that was his official introduction to the world. Cop it here.

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Came across this interview with Oscar on UK blog, Get Some. Have a read.

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