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Party On At The House of Rock In Santa Monica

Behold, your typical Hollywood style, nonstop party house. Only problem is that it’s in a rather affluent residential neighborhood in Santa Monica overlooking a golf course. Not exactly your typical local for nonstop merrymaking. Located on La Mesa Drive, the 10,000 square foot mansion was previously owned by actress Katherine Grayson, but was purchased by interior designer, Elaine Culotti, and turned into its current incarnation, the House of Rock which is used for charity events. The mansion is now stuffed with high-end furniture, art and music equipment with each room in the house dedicated to a collaboration with various designers… ultimately turning the place into an intrinsic work of art in itself.


Unfortunately, the House of Rock is teetering on its last leg. Neighbors are irate about the noisy, unruly gatherings. There are even complaints of naked partygoers sleeping in their cars. Santa Monica city council held an emergency meeting last night hoping to pass an ordinance restricting residential house parties to 150 people at one time. After house of comments and Elaine Culotti being drilled about the activities, the Santa Monica City Council failed to pass, splitting 3/3 (they needed at least 5 yeses)... so it's party on people.

BTW, when the house goes on the market at the end of the month, it’s expected to be listed for more than $20 million.

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Party On At The House of Rock In Santa Monica


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