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Skreamizm: A New Club Night That Goes Back To The Basics With The King Of Dubstep Himself—Plus Free Download


Skream is, as we all know, one of thebiggest faces in dubstep there is. Period. With three albums, several chart hits, numerous celebrity song remixes and three or four sold-out shows a week, if you're in the EDM culture world it would be kind of hard not to know who he is. With all of his fame and talent Skream is pretty busy everyday, but as it turns out, all Oliver Jones wants to do is return to the dark rooms he used to play in back in the days when he and his Big Apple posse made music for themselves. So comes the birth of Skream’s new club night, Skreamism.Fact Magazine had a nice chat with the man about it all. Jumping into right off the bat, asking, "So what prompted you to start the Skreamizm club night?"

Seeing too many fucking lights, over the Summer. [laughs] I was saying a minute ago to someone, I haven’t felt like I’ve been in a rave for so long, because everything’s a visual show now, or a light show. That’s where the concept of the dark room comes in, in terms of the set, the three-hour set, that’s more showing people where I’m from. A lot of people don’t know where they know me from at the moment – it’s a whole younger crowd.

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You can read the full interview here.

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