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Squarepusher Live "Ufabulum" Show at Hackney Empire Around The Corner—Plus US Dates

For our across the ponder readers, EDM culture innovator Tom Jenkinson aka Squarepusher has been taking the world by storm as of late with his new album Ufabulum. Moving away from his ultra glitchy past that only a handful of people could digest, he has made this latest record accessible to a wider audience with its new found digital rhythms and undeniably epic proportions.

Keeping in line with the grand scale of the music, he has designed a visual installation of equal measure to go hand in hand with the album. It’s similar to Amon Tobins ISAM Installation but in this case with a much more structured and formatted sound as opposed to Tobin’s formless beat less electronica playing its part as a mere backdrop to the installation.

In Squarepushers case the music and the visuals are on equal footing and the effect produced is one that captivates every sensory organ your feeble body contains and leaves you begging for more of the audio-visual onslaught. Good news is you don’t need to wait much longer, for the simian of the moment returns to captivate audiences again:


20 Hackney Empire, London
26 Moog Fest, Asheville, USA
27 TLA, Philadelphia, PA, USA
29 Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD, USA
31 Royale, Boston, MA, USA

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1 Terminal 5, New York, NY
2 Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada
3 Metro, Chicago, IL, USA

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