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Watch: "Dark Days" Documentary (Underground Lifestyle)—Soundtrack by DJ Shadow

Watch: "Dark Days" Documentary (Underground Lifestyle)—Soundtrack by DJ Shadow

Watching the news about hurricane Sandy is pretty tragic. The East Coast looks like the hammer of God came down on it. Have you seen this pix of all the water rushing out of the elevator doors in the subway? Or this image that's poking a little fun at what could be. As of today, 16 people (or 20 depending on your news source) have been reported to have lost their life in the super storm. What I can't get out of my mind is the fact that that number is probably way the F off, like not even in the ballpark close. Sadly I really don't think "They" are taking into account all of the homeless people that live below New York City in the subways system. For reals, that first subway picture of all the water rushing out is not a fake. What could have all those people living in all the abandoned tunnel systems below the city really do? Not a whole helluva lot. Likely nothing.

Which leads me to this…Dark Days, an older documentary that came out on September 25, 2001 about these very people. British filmmaker Marc Singer followed a group of people living in section of the New York City underground railway system called Freedom Tunnel, a section that stretches north from Penn Station past Harlem.

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The film features music by DJ Shadow, including excerpts from Endtroducing… as well as his album with U.N.K.L.E. And thank to Youtube I found the entire thing online.

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