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Watch: Go Behind the Scenes of Eric Turner vs. Avicii’s "Dancing in My Head" Video


The new music video for Eric Turner vs. Avicii, "Dancing in My Head," is not for the faint of heart. It tells the story of a guy who lets the girl of his dreams slip away after he freezes up and lets her walk away at a club. Taking what seemed to be the easy way out from his inner torture, the guy decides to saw open his head, yank his brain out and chuck it into the LA river. Duh... What else would you expect a man to do. We love that the brain comes back to haunt him, cornering him in a supermarket in a gruesome squeamish face-off.

Check out the behind the scenes footage from the video shoot, and watch as animatronics bring the walking, breathing, oozing brain to life.

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The easy way isn’t always the best way.

Eric Turner’s debut single, "Dancing in My Head," is due out November 5th.

Tip of the hat to Mixmag for turning us on to the behind the scene video footage.

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