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Watch: Hilarious Dubstep Video from Key & Peele


Tip of the hat to our pal Jon Horvath of Fort Knox Five fame for pointing this Key & Peele video out to us. Who would have thunk that two guys listening to dubstep while packing up an apartment would have entertainment value. But it does. EDM culture is freaking everywhere. Enjoy…

Some of the comments on Youtube are pretty fun too:

Is this is the music Osama bin Laden listens to when he kills 1,000 people in 10 seconds?

Weird, when I listen to dubstep all that happens is that everything gets strobe lighted

You guys should do a video about bath salts.

Dubstep? seems like they have been taking some bath salts.

You dont know how hard it was trying to drink Mountain Dew while watching this... all theres left to do is clean up this Filthy mess...

Dubstep, the free cocaine.

If more people that listen to dub step actually jumped out of windows the world would be a better place.

This is exactly what happened to me with my friend when we were high as hell, and I introduced him to Dubstep. It went great.

Dubstep makes me want to fuck a bridge...

Drug lords have finally done it they turned the effects of bath salts into music.

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