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Xinobi: Top Five Tunes I Can’t Live Without—Plus Free Download


Xinobi: Top Five Tunes I Can’t Live Without

Xinobi is Bruno Cardoso, a Portuguese grown-up-kid obsessed with music. He also happens to be the co-founder (Moullinex is the other half of the equation) of the always on-point Discotexas imprint. We recently gave some shine to his new video “(I Hate The Sound Of) Guitars,” which you can watch here. We love it.

So Xinobi…If your EDM culture tastes hover around disco, house, electro and techno, you’ll no doubt appreciate what he’s doing—guy covers a lot of ground in his productions and we imagine (as we’ve yet to catch a DJ set of his in person) that his sonic skillfulness extends to live performances, as well.

1. The Bronx “Dirty Leaves”

This song matches perfectly one of the most important moments of my life. It scored unforgettable emotions and achievements. I never get tired of it.

2. Moullinex “Darkest Night”

Somehow I’m a little bit responsible for this one, and I got it attached, hopefully forever, to my heart. It’s so incredible.

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3. Nara Leão “Pede Passgem”

Super raw and out of tune song by one of the Bossa Nova stars. Brazilians really know how to be happy through simplicity. I’m thankful to the girl that showed me this song.

4. Massysteri “Dom Kan Inte Hora Musiken”

When I first heard this song I felt really related to it even though I don’t understand Swedish. But after some Google research I found I was even more into this song because of its lyrics. As far as I remember the chorus is something like: The cops can’t hear the music; they can’t hear the music. And normally policemen don’t like music as loud as I do. But this song is about so much more than that. 

5. Pink Floyd “Brain Damage / Eclipse”

Ok, these are two songs. But I’m not cheating. Glued together, they make the best album conclusion in rock history.

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