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A Chat With Eric Fuller, One Of The Masterminds Behind The Life In Color Project


What do you get when you have a killer line up of DJs, more than a few buckets of neon paint and a room full of ravers ready to get down? You've got Life in Color, the “world’s largest paint party.”

Formerly known as Dayglow, Life in Color is landing in Los Angeles on November 17th at the Shrine Auditorium. Line up for the night is Felix Cartal, Manufactured Superstars, Savoy and David Solano… so be ready to rage your EDM culture face off, put your hands in the air and get drenched in a rainbow of paint and be one with the crowd. If that sounds like a plan, you can pick up tickets for the LA show here. Not in LA, get all the show dates here.

Before we let you all go on your merry way, we got the chance to throw out a few questions to Mr. Eric Fuller, one of the masterminds behind the Life in Color events. Fuller clearly has a plethora of passion and dedication to this project.


Has there been one night that standout more than others?

My most memorable night was in New York City at Webster Hall. We had completely sold out the show and the line was around the building. The Fire Marshall shut down the party because it was a safety hazard in the street. There was a lot of positive and negatives, obviously the negative being we had to end the show. But it was a real tipping point for our company, it gave us the confidence to go into these markets and expect not just a great show, but a sold out show.


Salvador Dali had his mustache. Snoop has his marijuana. Liberace had many, many diamonds. What have you got?

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We have Neon Paint and we make that shit cool to dance with…haha.

Is success physical or internal?

Success is definitely subjective—I think for our company it means putting on great events for our fans, giving them that one night to look forward to where they can just be happy. A lot of people come to our party with certain expectations or even some times egos. After two hours when that paint blasts I think they forget it all, the every day life stress, it all gets lost in the experience.

What is your biggest challenge with putting together a show like this?

Initially it was convincing venues to allow us to blast Neon Glow paint everywhere. That took some time and it honestly seemed easier then what we face today. Today’s challenges are much more complex. Balancing budgets, considering fan safety, venue needs, are our operations hitting on all cylinders, and, of course the most important, are fans walking away with the most incredible experience? Our spectrum of focus has broadened, before it seemed like there were just a few and today it seems like there is so much more that we have to focus on.


What do your parents think of what you are doing?

Parents are all very proud. At first they didn’t understand, I don’t think anyone did really. We went against the grain and made our own path. This party grew from city to city in Florida; it started in clubs and look at it today. We’ve sold hundreds of thousands of tickets all across the world. We took a risk and we made it happen and everyone is really happy about that. I know my parents are really proud.


If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

I would 100% be a Superman or Batman. I would rid the world of all the guns, bombs and other weapons that could be catastrophic to mankind. I would force the world to work out its differences through that thing above our shoulders called our brain. I feel like people forget that’s what it’s there for!

How important is it for you to experiment in your field and take on the risk of failure?

It’s extremely important. This industry has grown quite competitive in what feels like over night. People are constantly looking to evolve their events with the best talent, production and over all experience. You hear that phrase being thrown around a lot lately, “it’s all about the experience.” That definitely means taking risks on ideas that may or may not have the response you want from your fans. At the end of the day you’ll never now until you go.

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