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Calling Rolling Stone Out On Their Bullshit: "25 DJs That Rule The Earth"

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Calling Rolling Stone Out On Their Bullshit: "25 DJs That Rule The Earth"

Ok, I might have just fallen in love with Miami New Times writer, Kat Bein. I first came across this witty and opinionated bitch (and I mean that in the best possible way) via her recent article: Ten Reasons Rolling Stone's "25 DJs That Rule the Earth" Is Total Bullshit. Girl is on point and fire, ripping in to Rolling Stone's feeble attempt at capitalizing on EDM culture's rise in popularity. She pretty much had me cracking the F up through the entire article. Here are a few snippet to give you an idea of where her head is at.

Deadmau5 Is a DJ?

They placed Deadmau5 at 20, the man who said himself that he's not even a DJ, but merely a button pusher. We guess if the criteria is being a little mouthy bitch and having the loudest Tumblr of all time ... Then yes, Deadmau5 is the 20th most influential and obnoxious producer on the planet...

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Boyz Noize = David Guetta?

This German DJ-producer is number nine on this list, and we can definitely dig it. But it is Rolling Stone's explanation that gets us all pissed off. In the mag's half-witted attempts to clarify its redonkulous observations, the Stone defies all logic and compares Boys Noize to David Guetta...

you can check out the entire article here.

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