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Chilling In Hollywood At Dim Mak Studios With The Not So Serious Azari and III

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Fresh off their debut American tour via Sonar, Azari & III are here to bring back a darker side of disco to EDM culture loving Americans from coast to coast. Toronto's production/DJ team Azari & III have all but brought house music back to North America. With their soul infused beats and mesmerizing vocals the group has been taking the states over by storm in the last month and it could not have come at a better time. Playing three times in Los Angeles over the last couple of days, it was a nice change to hear some emotionally infused house music instead of the head-banging bass and fist-pumping trance that fills the city on a weekly basis.

With monster singles "Hungry for the Power" "Into The Night" "Manic" and "Reckless with Your Love" the group has been a staple to our soundtrack for the last couple years and have been remixed by about anyone you can think of. Their songs combine a somewhat throwback 80’s sound with modern day house music. The DJ duo of Dinamo Azari and Alixander III and vocals of Fritz Helder and Starving Yet Full combine to make an excellent energetic live show that is not to miss. I was lucky enough to catch them twice this week. Their set at the Shrine was very good; the energy that they brought to the stage was unmatched that night. Something about mixing DJs with live vocals gives the show an extra edge.

With their recent release of their self-titled debut album in the States via Dim Mak Records (pick up the album via iTunes) I sat down with the group to chat about their new album, the Sonar Tour and what their plans were for the future. Their record is one of our favorites over here at Magnetic so it was nice to get a second to sit down and chat with the group. It took place at Dim Mak studios where unfortunately they were just “pulled from about $100 worth of food to do interviews” and they were, as expected, pretty testy.

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All went well though as Alixander III explained to me their recording process. “The songs were put together to make a coherent album. There is no real theme to it, but they work very well together,” he said.  When talking about the dynamics of the group he said, “Mostly Dinamo Azari and I make the music. Fritz Helder and Starving Yet Full vocalize ideas and we interpret them with the instruments.”

Taking a break from rolling up a joint, Dinamo Azari chimes in that it is “mostly a democratic process” and that it “varies from song to song.” The group undeniably has character. They bounce off each other even in simple conversation. You can tell from the vibe they put out that it they are pretty chill people and someone you would probably want to smoke with. Nothing is taken too seriously. They’re an eclectic bunch just like their names.

“We all had a great time on the Sonar Tour but felt like it went way to fast,” said Starving Yet Full. He went on to say “Boston and Toronto were especially fun.” The group was honest and blunt, which is a great change from artists that I usually interview. They say that they were pissed off about the New York show being canceled and that if they had it their way they would have played.

I chatted a bit about the Parkdailian Sound Space that Alixander III created to make all new types of sounds and beats in his hometown of Toronto. The idea of the space was to make sounds for artists, musicians, and film scores. He says that if he had more time he would like to incorporate more of that in his creative output.

As for the future of Azari & III, Alixander III jokes, “Who knows? You might actually know more than me.” Hopefully it includes more great music and more stops in the United States. The band has a show in Miami on the 16 and you should definitely check it out if you are in town. Their self-titled album is out on Dim Mak Records and look for it to make the rounds on best of the year list.

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