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Dan Ghenacia: 5 Songs I Can’t Live Without

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Dan Ghenacia: 5 Songs I Can’t Live Without

Paris boasts a lot of exceptional talent when it comes to EDM culture and Dan Ghenacia, founder and runner of the now defunct Freak N’Chic imprint (responsible for breaking artists such as Dyed Soundorom, Djebali, Shonky and even releasing the Jamie Jones’ debut EP), is without a doubt one of them.

He recently launched a new label and DJ outfit under the Apollonia guise with Dyed Soundorom and Shonky and has been getting big support across the board—especially for his summer tune with Shonky “Close To The Edge.” On the horizon is “Trax On Da Road,” a three track solo EP due out December 4 via Apollonia.

“Manhattan 85” is a funk driven affair of disco-led house. Dabbling in a mélange of sounds from classical strings to techno bleeps and vocal samples. The B-side is weighty, no-nonsense “Acid Walk,” full of bounce and infectious rhythm. A singular chord of eerie vocal provides the depth, resonating behind an escalating acidic wail—without a doubt a sure-fire, dancefloor bomb. “Da Doo Da” completes the solid offering with a hearty bassline and hypnotic drum rhythms, a strong house-techno contender very much in tune with Ghenacia’s own peak-time track choices. You can listen to a preview below.

1. Prince “When Doves Cry”

One of my favorite ever artists, Prince produced girl band Apollonia 6 and he invented the Minneapolis sound—a mixture of white soul and black music—something Shonky, Dyed Soundorom and I strive to do with Apollonia.

2. Frank Sinatra “New York New York”

I love a crooner because they are timeless and this is a key quality I look for music. I am in New York right now as I’m writing this and planning on staying for a month, as I’d really like to get to know the city better.

3. The Cure “Close To Me”

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One of the most important bands for me, I played at the same festival as them this summer in Portugal. The show was amazing and the voice of Robert Smith hasn’t changed in 20 years.

4. Herbie Hancock “Rock It”

The beginning of electronic sounds. The first steps towards the DJ culture.

5. Davina “Don't You Want It”

This track produced by Mad Mike of Underground Resistance represents pure house music. Laurent Garnier used to play it all the time at his Wake Up residency at Rex Club Paris. Always-great memories!

"Trax On Da Road" preview:

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