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Deadmau5, Mau5head And All, To DJ Art Of Elysium Fashion Show Children's Hospital In LA

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Nice one to Joel for using his EDM culture celebrity for a good cause. Art of Elysium (’ help children suffering from serious medical conditions by getting actors, artists and musicians to provide workshops for a wide range of disciplines: acting, art, comedy, fashion, music, radio, songwriting and creative writing. They've been doing it since 1997. Joel Zimmerman broke the news (in typical deadmau5 fashion) via Twitter. If Joel's good deed has wanting to give a little yourself, Elysium is actually having volunteer artist orientations tomorrow, Monday November 5th. It's a one-time mandatory thing, so giddy up if you want to get involved.

General Volunteer Artist Orientation
Monday, November 5th
Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Music, Theatre/Media Arts, Arts Based Self-Esteem

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