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Event Recap: Hard Day Of The Dead—Yet Another Awesome EDM Memory

Event Recap: Hard Day Of The Dead—Yet Another Awesome Memory

For all of you faithful EDM culture lovers who were in attendance at Hard Day of the Dead this past Saturday, November 3rd, you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say that the night was one not easily forgotten. Big props to Gary Richards. The electric charge in the air and under your feet was pretty hard to miss.


By the time we made it in my group was separated, as is pretty much the standard protocol, so we headed to the beer garden next to the Hard Stage where Major Lazer was currently killing it. It seemed the obvious meeting place; right at the corner of dancehall, hip-hop, electro house tastiness and certain inebriation. The crowd was huge, dancing to the rhythmic beats Major Lazer poured onto us from the stage. Color and lights coated every surface in due fashion, and everyone and their mother was in costume. I mean that literally by the way, we spotted more than a few proud and confident EDM mamas out there on Saturday night sportin’ their love for the music and the scene with no sign of inhibition whatsoever. We say rock on; way to spread the culture through the generations, mamas.


Although there was  a pretty mind-blowing line-up of artists present that night, there were two specific Italian individuals that absolutely could not be missed. I’m sure everyone is well aware by now that the duo Crookers recently announced they will no longer be performing together, and that their last US show was in fact on Hard Day of the Dead. Although the news was and is sad, the fact of their looming break up made their show even more amazing, because this time around, every song and moment had to be remembered. Crookers, to say the least, delivered; their set and had fans talking well into Monday evening about the show. The crowd was alive with a completely different level of energy than the rest of Hard. The fact that they played at the Moombahton Massive Stage, which was hidden in a corner with trees lining the outer edges surrounding the crowd, somehow made things seem surreal. Crookers unleashed one banger after another onto the crowd, old songs, new songs and with a consistent energy that was massively contagious. I took some video of their set, albeit shaky video (was possibly the hardest thing not to dance to their music) but video it is.

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After Crookers, the rest of the night progressed rapidly; we caught the tail end of Knife Party’s set at the Earstorm Stage, head-banging to the hard tunes and even spotting some Magneticmag stickers raised in the air. Trying to hit as many artists as we could, we left Knife Party as soon as they were done to meet up with the other half of our group who had headed early to the Hard Stage to catch the start of Justice. By raising our platinum blonde-haired friend up above the crowd, we were able to find them and enjoy the gist of Justice’s set. At around 1 am we all finally headed back to the Earstorm Stage to end the night perfectly with Tommy Trash.


People lay on the grass half asleep but still nodding their heads to the music, some fist-pumped, others head-banged, but everyone danced in any way they were able to manage. Our feet hurt, bruises were blooming and headaches already creeping on up, but that didn’t really matter. When does it ever when it comes to nights like these? At 2 am everyone slowly, regretfully filtered out of LA Historic Park.


“Technically, it’s 1 am right now, so there should be one more hour…it feels like it’s only been 5 minutes…” Yup my friend Christine had a point. The clocks had officially turned back, giving us an extra hour to play with, we just wish we could have spent it back in the park where the music was loud and the lights were bright.

Beside the wait incident and the inevitable down side of having it all end so quickly (or so it seemed) the night was an immense success to say the least, with great spirits, even better music and yet another awesome memory to boot. Until next time, carry on.


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