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Event Recap: Haunted House Tour with Knife Party, Tommy Trash and Kill The Noise

Event Recap: Haunted House Tour with Knife Party, Tommy Trash and Kill The Noise


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Ryan Leibrich

Wow, Knife Party, Tommy Trash and Kill the Noise put a splendid cap on the end of my workweek.

Friday night, the Haunted House tour invaded the bay area, specifically Oakland, giving hardcore EDM culture fans a dose of heavy hitting sets courtesy of Knife Party, Tommy Trash and Kill The Noise. The streets of downtown Oakland were littered with hardcore Knife Party fans ready to rage. And Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen delivered.  The vibe of the crowd was only outmatched by the hype surrounding the highly lit entrance of the Fox Theatre, a perfect venue to hold any EDM artist.

Knife Party kicked things off with a heavy hitting introduction creating an almost euphoric atmosphere difficult to formulate in words. Although the gents of Knife Party were the leading men in charge on the bill, it seemed that they were only on stage for 45 minutes and when they didn’t even close the show, it left an endless amount of attendees puzzled and confused. Me included. That bummer aside, Swire and McGrillen know how to produce a powerful set. The rumors about Knife Party are true, I’m a witness to their dynamic abilities. Once the intro hit it was impossible not to get sucked into the energy flowing throughout the crowd. I even caught a few security guards jamming along on the sidelines. As a fan, I found myself screaming on the top of my lungs and jumping nonstop like a mad woman—especially when tracks from 100% No Modern Talking started dropping like “Destroy Them With Lazers” and “Internet Friends."

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It’s moments like these, hearing some of your favorite tracks live in the flesh, that give you those goose bumps every music fan craves and cause you to get lost in the moment. That’s pretty much what happened when Knife Party dropped their rendition of Porter Robinson’s “Spitfire.” As soon as I started to hear the track slowly blasting through the speakers, my mouth dropped with pure excitement and the entire venue went bananas along side me. Of course Knife Party played their track with Swedish House Mafia “Antidote” and their remix of “Save the World” which kept fans attentive with huge smiles across their faces. The highlight of their set was when they dropped their track “Centipede” off Rage Valley. Hands down, that tune clinched the title as the track that got people raging the hardest.

Overall, Knife Party smashed the Fox Theatre in such a limited amount of time. I just wished their set lasted longer but Swire and McGrillen were booked to play at Ruby Skye in San Francisco as well. For those who didn’t get the chance to see Knife Party at the Fox Theatre or Ruby Skye, it’s highly recommended that the next time Knife Party invades the bay area, you purchase a ticket. It’s worth it.

The Australian native Tommy Trash is slowly gaining recognition within the EDM community did what he does best—he killed it during his set. This guy’s talent as a musician shined like no other. Being the final artist of the night, Tommy Trash kept the pace of maintaining a hectic crowd dropping endless progressive house tracks creating a beautiful contrast from thy heavy hitting dubstep. Tracks like “Cascade,” Future Folk,” and “Reload” with Sebastian Ingrosso made the crowd go wild with chicks crowd surfing with their arms spread out wide, shuffling, and endless head banging especially from Tommy Trash. Guy has passion as a musician and it showed through his stage presence—talk about a dynamic set. Seeing him head bang harder than any man in a hardcore band, his long hair flinging in all directions, perfectly captured his enjoyment and the energy flowing through the Fox Theatre. One of his highlights came when he dropped his rendition of Steve Aoki featuring Wynter Gordon “Ladi Dadi,” which was more than enough epicness to keep the crowds’ attention. I couldn’t stop moving and head banging myself leading to the reason my neck is in massive pain yet it was worth it.

Tommy Trash gets the crown as my favorite set of the night; he did a stellar job of maintaining the crowd and closing out the Haunted House Tour at the Fox Theatre. I’m confident 2013 will be a dynamic year for Tommy Trash; he deserves every bit of success that’s coming to him.

Hope your Friday night was as stellar as mine…

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