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Exclusive Download: Tactic “Come In Di Dance” via Top Billin

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Exclusive Download: Tactic “Come In Di Dance” via Top Billin

Our pals at Top Billin recently released a massive compilation, Moomba World Part Deux. With its thick basslines, climactic buildups and battle weapon like drum fills, the 13-track collection does exactly what it's supposed to do—light the dancefloor up. If you revel in the bouncy, dance and bass, this is an essential release. And to top it off, you can pick it up for $6.40. Yes, 13-essential cuts for six bucks.

Top Billin teamed up with Think 2Wice, an American institution dedicated to eclectic 110 BPM sounds. Hailing from Kansas City, MO and Portland, OR, these guys have been keeping it real promoting the tough beats, proper bass and DJ-friendly moombahton sound for a good time across the pond.

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We go hard, we go smooth, we go vocal, we go around the world.

And we here at Magnetic are going a little crazy right now listening to this compilation. So many great tunes featured here that it was pretty hard to pick one to offer you folks as a free download, but we did it… Hope you enjoy Tactic’s “Come In Di Dance,” as we sure in the hell are. BTW, Ben and Brent Tactic are co-owners of Think 2Wice Records. Check 'em out, support the cause... they're doing great stuff.

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