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Fabio Lendrum: Top Five Tunes I Can't Live Without

Fabio Lendrum: Top Five Tunes I Can't Live Without

Fabio Dendrum’s sound is inspiring in ways that touch on familiarity. His music seems to expertly convey personal experience through songwriting, something to be expected from someone who believes that “the more experiences you have, the more you can relate to people.” Well, those experiences provide the dark heart that infiltrates the subject matter of Lendrum’s songwriting. By contrast, these tales of yearning, youthful angst and misdirected love are set to an explosion of complementary influences: the targeted euphoria of Calvin Harris weaves into the textured electronic experimentations of mid-Eighties Depeche Mode and Erasure’s seamless hybrid of dance-orientated sounds with melodic sensibility. It’s a lineage that can be traced through his newest songs "Out of the Water," "Someone To Love" and "Anything’s Possible." You can pick up Fabio Lendrum's "Alpha" EP via Big Beat here.

1. Fleetwood Mac “The Chain”

If this was remade into a dance track it would go to number one immediately. Also a very important track to bust out the air bass solo at 3:20.

2. Funkagenda & Adam K “Drift”

Most underrated tune and producers. Journey music. First heard this in a sushi restaurant where there was a DJ; put down the raw fish and went to find out what song he was playing.

3. Charles Gudagåfya Feat. Darwin & Backwall “Summerburst”

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Another underrated tune which should have been much bigger than it was. MDAmazing - pure ecstasy.

4. Jeremih “Ladies” Feat. Twista

Slow jam evening filler. I reckon it subconsciously turns girls on.

5. Crazy P “Heartbreaker”

Beautifully made, future seeing, hope feeling tune that lifts you off the ground for when youre a little low.

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And just because here's a video of Lendrum playing a live version of "Out Of The Water" from his recent "Alpha" EP singing and using the Emulator DVS System.

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