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Flight Facilities: Five Songs I Can’t Live Without

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Flight Facilities: Five Songs I Can’t Live Without

We love us some Flight Facilities—pretty much since the moment we heard the single, “Crave You.” Since their debut release, the Australian duo have gone from strength to strength releasing stellar tunes “Foreign Language,” “With You” and now “Clair De Lune,” which steps away from dancefloor territory of previous singles and into a more ambient vibe. The song will be released December 3rd via Glassnote Records.

Also check out the rather stunning video directed by Dave Ma (Foals, The Horrors, Delphic) for “Clair De Lune” at the bottom of this post. It was shot in San Fernando Valley, California.

1. Daft Punk "Around The World"

Not only is this one of the best, most well-produced songs in dance music. It has an unbelievably good music video to back it up. Thats just not fair. Apparently it was all done in one take too (definitely not the first take, but one take none-the-less). It has stiff competition with Da Funk.

2. Chemical Brothers "Star Guitar"

Its fun to show this to people if they havent watched it, then let them work it out by themselves. Its usually upon the second viewing that the video can truly be appreciated. We wont say anything about it if you havent seen it. Most people have. And most agree that its one of the best music videos ever.

3. The Whispers "Keep On Loving Me"

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A friend of ours in the UK put us onto this one. We thought we should put an old tune in the list somewhere. Its probably the most infectious music video to watch. If it were possible, this is how we would walk everywhere.

4. Beastie Boys "Make Some Noise"

So. Many. Cameos. We still watch this and pick up another celebrity each time. This video worked so well and shows how much appreciation the Beastie Boys have picked up over the past few decades, not to mention that fact that their new material still held up against the old.

5. Foals "Spanish Sahara"

We were lucky enough to have the creator of this video, Dave Ma, make our most recent music video for our latest single Clair De Lune feat. Christine Hoberg. This video is jaw droopingly good. Its like watching MTV and National Geographic having sex. If you ever get the opportunity, the story behind actually getting this video made is just as good as the result.

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