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Flux Pavilion’s “The Music Experiment” Show At Santa Monica Airport’s Hangar 8 Gets Busted

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I’m sure a lot of you have heard of Intel’s music experiment, if not I’ll explain real quick: Intel presented the public with The Music Experiment a while ago which involved 4 artists in 4 cities and 4 secret shows. The experiment was kind of like a game where in order to unlock the secret locations to gain access to tickets, everyone had to tweet about it and hash tag #themusicexperiement. Once enough tweets were rounded up, the secret location was revealed. Now the last show was scheduled for last night with Flux Pavilion headlining. The theme was Gothic Neon and those who had gotten tickets knew to go to Santa Monica Airport’s Hangar 8 for the show. Sounds pretty good, right? I’m sure it was; that is until the cops had to come and shut everything down. According to Fox 11 News and Twitter’s LAScanner, Santa Monica police were aided by Beverly Hills and Culver City to assist with the apparent massive overcrowding at the event where as many as 3,000 people were in attendance. Flux was supposed to have played from 10:30 until midnight with Tokimonsta and Steady to open. We got some of the tweets from Flux Pavilion giving the play by play and thanking his fans below. The show was an unfortunate bust, it doesn’t mean the party’s over though.

Flux Pavilion’s “The Music Experiment” Show Gets Busted

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