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Free Downlaod: Double Trouble & Amp Fiddler "Amp Trouble" Greg Wilson Mash-Up

This Greg Wilson mash up was originally issued on the Young Dog Alien 12” from back in 2006. Which, BTW, also included "Gotta Keep Working It," one of Wilson's best-known mash-ups. You can download that one too below.


"Amp Trouble" might only be a little over a minute, but it's 71 seconds of pure fun. Taking Double Trouble’s "Stoop Rap," from the seminal 1982 hip-hop movie, Wild Style, with the opening track, "Intro," from Amp Fiddler’s 2003 album, Return Of The Ghetto Fly.

Greg Wilson on Double Trouble:

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I have a particular soft spot for Double Trouble, who you see earlier in the film practicing acappella, sat on steps outside a Bronx tenement block. Their rap at this point is super-chilled and laid back, but at the amphitheatre, using the same lyrics, they really rip it up, resplendent in white gangster suits and hats. However, this was as good as it got for LiL Rodney C and KK Rock Well, and as Hip Hop went global they were left behind. I always regard them as Rap’s ones that got away.

Wilson put together a great blog post about Wild Style, which you can check out here.

Here's "Gotta Keep Working It"

And just because here's another edit of Double Trouble from Brit Vincent Vinnicombe called "Stoop Rap." It's a completely different vibe than Wilson's but it's a good one too, indeed.

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