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Free Download: DJ Shadow Mix By Irn Mnky


Calling all DJ Shadow fans, amazing DJ mix by Irn Mnky that covers Shadow albums’ Endtroducing... to the most recent, The Less You Know, The Better.

Free Download: DJ Shadow Mix By Irn Mnky

The mix came to be after Irn Mnky decided to give a remix contest being held by DJ Shadow a go. Apparently his mix of “Walkie Talkie” impressed the F out of Shadow and here we are today with a carefully curated mix by Irn Minky.

I was asked to put this together, a 20-minute mix for someone who has been a great influence on me, Irn Mnky told Rolling Stone. Shadows incredible and vast discography made this a big challenge, as it could easily have been a two-hour-plus mix. So I decided to do the mix from an angle that incorporated my own production and remix background.

Given that Shadow says that Irn Mnky has a great sensibility for crafting sound, and is a fan himself, we think Irn Mnky is smiling a little wider today.

BTW, DJ Shadow's The Definitive DJ Shadow box set is out today; you can pick it up here.

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“I've Got Two,” Sesame Street
“Shadow Propaganda Mix,” Somepling
“Hole in Ya Speakers,” Irn Mnky
“Let's Get It (Bass, Bass, Bass),”
DJ Shadow “Disavowed” (Irn Mnky Electro Edit), DJ Shadow
“Right Thing” (Z-Trip Set the Party Off Mix Bonus Beats 2), DJ Shadow
“Organ Donor,” DJ Shadow
“Droop-E Drop,” DJ Shadow
“Organ Donor” (Sovereign Universalist Remix), DJ Shadow
DJ esSDee scratch
“I Gotta Rokk” (Irn Mnky Swagger Mix), DJ Shadow
“Border Crossing,” DJ Shadow
“Walkie Talkie,” DJ Shadow
“Walkie Talkie” (Irn Mnky Beat Down Mix), DJ Shadow
“Building Steam With a Grain of Salt” (NiT GriT Mix), DJ Shadow
“Dats My Part” (feat E-40), DJ Shadow
“Inject the Beat” (feat. Cappo, Bane & DJ esSDee), Irn Mnky
“The Number Song,” DJ Shadow
“Compton,” Dan Greenpeace & Irn Mnky
“Scale It Back” (Irn Mnky Judgement Minimal Mix), DJ Shadow


Oh and the official low-in-the-dark tee shirt for "Reconstructed: The Best of DJ Shadow" is available to pick up now. 

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