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Free Download: DJs Pareja "De la Cabeza" via Cómeme

Free Download: DJs Pareja "De la Cabeza" via Cómeme

I'd be lying if I said I was already up on DJs Pareja from Buenos Aires, Argentina. What I can say for certain, tho, is that Cómeme is hands down one of my favorite house music labels—I pretty much pay attention to all their releases. Anywho… DJs Pareja aren't new to the game; they've been doing their things since 1999, playing at clubs and festivals all around Argentina, Latin America and Europe. But given my present local of sunny So Cal I have yet to enjoy a live DJ set by these two. Digging through their Soundcloud page was very fruitful and highly recommended you do some Internet digging yourself.

The noir-ish cowbell rhythm of “De La Cabeza“ lives up to its name and will surely set the right dancefloor off their collective heads. You can pick up the EP via Kompakt Records here.

Here are the others from the EP:

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And here's some stuff from their Soundcloud page...hope you enjoy as much as I do. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of these guys and the Cómeme imprint.

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