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Free Download: Free Magic and Jkriv “Night Braces” (Sammy Bananas Sax Dub)

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Free Download: Free Magic and Jkriv “Night Braces” (Sammy Bananas Sax Dub)

Fucking hell, Sammy Bananas hit this one out of the park. The original tune by Free Magic (the man behind NYC party Discovery) and Jkriv (Deep and Disco) was nice and all—hit play here for it. Bananas tore the track down and blew it up by playing sax on top of the whole thing. Brings me back to the early Nineties house music in the best possible way. Enjoy the free EDM download.

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Free Magic had some interesting words on things:

We ran into our good friend Sammy Bananas at the local pharmacy, he was wearing a red velvet robe and a saxophone raiding the cosmetic section for heatable oils.

We happened to have a copy of Catalano on us and handed it to him...upon contact we saw reality melt away, the brick and mortar transformed into a foggy stage, grocery carts replaced by speakeasy librarians riding miniature horses. The ground swirled around us and we all started to rise, slowly ascending into beams of purple to bounce of the giant disco ball in the sky, waking up on the sidewalk nearby with nothing but smiles and foggy recollections we discovered Night Braces had been reborn.

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