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Free Download: Gomma Podcast #84 with The Barking Dogs

Free Download: Gomma Podcast #84 with The Barking Dogs

Cristian Croce and Nicola Mazzetti (aka The Barking Dogs) are at the helm for the new Gomma Records podcast. Pretty excited about this one as it’s the first DJ mix I’ve heard from these two. Been a fan of their music for a little while now, but these Italians don’t make it to the US often so this is the next best thing to hearing them work a room. And for what I’ve read and heard, these two guys know how to party.

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1) In Aeternam Vale “Dust Under Brightness”
2) Mock & Toof “My Head”
3) Pachanga Boys “Meet The Boys”
4) Holy Balm “Take It”
5) Daniel Avery “The Eagle”
6) Boonlorm “B2”
7) Daniel Maloso “Punk Reggae Disco”
8) Peaking Lights “Tiger Eyes” (Cuticle Remix)
9) Creative Swing Alliance “Yeah!”
10) Jimmy Edgar “Let Yrself Be”
11) The Heels Of Love “Flight 707” (The Barking Dogs remix)
12) Altz “September”
13) Dj Jus-Ed “The Truth”
14) Paranoid London “Paris Dub 1”
15) Jeanette Thomas “Shake Your Body”
16) Lloyd Devastating Jackmaster “U Kinda Large”
17) Analysis “Surface Tension”
18) Holy Balm “Phone Song”
19) Moonpool & Dead Band “The Jagged Orbit”
20) Wrangler “Mind Your Own Sequence”

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